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The happiness Taylor Swift felt in her studio rubbed on Aaron Dessner

Aaron Dessner is a Producer who revealed he already knew how to produce great music, before working with Taylor Swift.



Aaron Dessner, a collaborator of Taylor Swift’s, received her “concentration and joy” in the recording studio.

The National star learned a lot from the 32-year-old pop megastar as he produced and co-wrote a large portion of the 2020 sister records “folklore” and “evermore” by the “Shake It Off” hitmaker.

“It was almost like I was in some crazy boot camp for generating a load of music extremely fast and properly producing it and then it would be published shortly,” Aaron said of working through the pandemic in an interview with Britain’s The I newspaper.

He continued, “And you learn a lot while you’re doing that,” referring to his sessions with Grammy winner Taylor. Taylor is a fantastic musician who has a ton of expertise in the recording studio, so even just working with her taught me a lot. I picked up her focus and also simply her enthusiasm.

The band members of the records, according to Aaron, “continue to be in one other’s artistic and personal lives.”

“I have so many musicians in my life that I’ve gotten close to, and we make stuff with, and they are just part of my life,” the 46-year-old musician remarked. I’ve never had this type of chemistry with anyone in my life, and it was amazing to be able to write and create so many gorgeous songs in such a short amount of time. I believe that we will always be involved in each other’s artistic and private lives. I’m not sure exactly what form it will take going forward, but it will definitely continue.

He asserted, nevertheless, that “this era is concluded.”

I do think this story, this era, has come to an end, and I think with these sister records — it does kind of seem like there’s closure to that, he continued. She has, however, undoubtedly been very supportive and involved with Big Red Machine as well as in general.

She reminds me of another amazing musician I’ve met and am fortunate to have in my life. This entire community advances and takes chances, and maybe more albums will be released in the future.

The “Blank Space” hitmaker was praised earlier by Aaron for having “apparently unlimited talent” as a singer, composer, and storyteller.