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The hotel that inspired the movie ‘Dirty Dancing’ has burned down

Upstate New York has been dealing with increasing rates for new hotels, many of which have inspired hit movies.



The remnants of the upstate New York hotel that served as the basis for the motion picture “Dirty Dancing” have burned down, according to the local fire department. In 1986, the establishment, formerly known as Grossinger’s Catskill Resort Hotel, shut its doors.

The Liberty, New York fire department put a notification on its Facebook page on August 17 stating that “several reports into Sullivan (County) 911 reported a major structure on fire at the historic Grossinger’s Hotel property.”

In 2018, the majority of the resort was destroyed, however few buildings were left standing.

Grossinger’s was a kosher restaurant that catered to a primarily Jewish audience from the New York City region and debuted in 1919 under the name Grossinger’s Terrace Hill House.

The Catskills’ Borscht Belt was named after this area. The chain of resorts in the region developed as a destination for the Jewish community to vacation during a time when many Jewish families were prohibited from country clubs and summer camps.

At clubs in the Borscht Belt, comedians like Jackie Mason, Woody Allen, Don Rickles, and Milton Berle got their start.

In the popular movie “Dirty Dancing,” which came out the year after Grossinger’s closed, Jennifer Grey played Baby Houseman, a Jewish adolescent on the verge of adulthood who falls in love with Patrick Swayze’s character, a hotel dancing teacher.

Although the story was inspired by Grossinger’s, Mountain Lake Lodge near Pembroke, Virginia, served as the location for the filming of Dirty Dancing.

Growing Up at Grossinger’s, a memoir by resort employee Tania Grossinger, was released in 2008.

In addition, she created the children’s book “Jackie and Me,” which tells the story of her connection with Jackie Robinson, a regular guest at the resort, in real life.

The Liberty Fire Department continues to look into what started the fire.

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