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The investigator has denied any knowledge of Princess Diana’s death

In 2004, David Douglas, who was on the Operation Paget team, interviewed Prince Charles in the midst of a conspiracy theory that Princess Diana’s death had been due to foul play.



A case investigator is talking about Princess Diana’s death in the Paris car disaster, which occurred 25 years ago.

Senior police officer David Douglas gave his first television interview on Friday on ITV’s Good Morning Britain to discuss his investigation into the fatal vehicle accident that claimed the lives of Princess Diana, her romantic partner Dodi Fayed, and the driver Henri Paul on August 31, 1997. Trevor Rees-Jones, their security, was hurt but made it out alive.

“I firmly believe that it was a horrific, awful catastrophe in which three individuals perished and one other person’s life was completely turned upside down,” said Douglas.

Ranvir Singh, the host, questioned whether the absence of seatbelts, the pursuit of the car by photographers, and the driver’s intoxication were to blame.

According to Douglas, “in most occurrences and accidents, there is a chain of events that, if any one of them had been different, might not have resulted in that happening.” For instance, according to our experts, there was approximately an 80% probability that they would have survived the collision if they had been wearing seatbelts.

previous Met police Senior investigator David Douglas informs @ranvir01 and @PaulBrandITV That Princess Diana’s death was a “sad, awful accident,” he is “totally sure.” Visit to view GMB on ITV and ITV Hub. (@GMB) Good Morning Britain 19 August 2022

The British Metropolitan Police’s Operation Paget, an investigation into the numerous Diana death conspiracies that began in 2004, was made public online in 2006.

Douglas said, adding that he “stands by every word” in the report, “Lord Stevens indicated that we’re going to be as open and transparent as we could be.”

As part of the investigation into a 1995 message Princess Diana wrote to her butler that stated, “My husband is plotting “an accident” in my car, brake failure and terrible head injuries,” Prince Charles was questioned.

According to Douglas, who spoke with Prince Charles, “So it’s amazing… However, since it was a plain witness statement from the Prince of Wales, it was similarly unremarkable in reality.”

Because I had never met him before, when we entered, Douglas remarked, “I found him charming.” “He was really cordial and courteous. The Prince of Wales’ private secretary, Lord Stevens, joined us as we sat down. There were only myself, Michael, Pete, and Pete in the room. It was clear that Lord Stevens took the initiative and approached Prince Charles about that memo, and it was also clear that Prince Charles was unaware of it before it was made public in 2003. He was on par with what we knew.”

When Princess Diana had her renowned BBC Panorama interview with Martin Bashir, she also wrote the note.

According to a last year investigation by former supreme court judge John Dyson, Bashir ordered phony bank statements to obtain the interview using “deceitful techniques.”

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Lord Stevens regretted not having Bashir interviewed by him and his officers.

“We would have looked into the accusation if it had been made at the time that Bashir had given Princess Diana supposedly fraudulent paperwork, which is against the law. Oh my goodness, if only we had done, “According to Stevens, the Daily Mail. Unfortunately, this information has just lately become public.