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This MINI Concept Aceman is one of designer’s Favourites which includes Niels Steinhoff It is a seven seater “The Englishman” style vehicle that is intended for use in forest cover and meetings

In 1959, Alec Issigonis designed an interior which only required a central round instrument and toggles switch bar in order to experience tranquil driving pleasure. The high-end vehicle’s interior is



Designers’ Favorites: The MINI Concept Aceman, Designer of exteriors Niels Steinhoff

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The interior of the MINI Concept Aceman is similarly dominated by a pared-down design with distinct outlines and meticulously finished details. It mixes cutting-edge technology with classic MINI design cues that have been reinterpreted. The prototype car’s cockpit is continually stripped down to the bare minimum, which is exactly what the 1959 designer of the original MINI had in mind. Alec Issigonis created a cabin where, in addition to the seats, steering wheel, and gear lever, all that was required for unparalleled driving pleasure was a central round instrument and toggle switch bar. A substantial sense of space is created by the dashboard’s gently curved surfaces and wide-open door panels. The huge panoramic window