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This simple cocktail only has 2 ingredients, alcohol and juice

Who said simple didn’t mean delicious?



People would likely respond that a screwdriver was their first ever “cocktail” if you asked them. It is a staple of college parties and drunken brunches because of its accessibility and simplicity.

We kept things relatively simple, using only vodka, orange juice, and ice. We might merely insist that you use freshly squeezed orange juice. This transforms what would otherwise be a forgettable beverage into a far more enjoyable experience. If you prefer the pure “from the bottle texture,” you can even filter the pulp.

Enjoy two-ingredient drinks? Why not try the Cape Codder, another delicious favourite. Alternately, try a nice Vodka Tonic. Let us know how it turned out in the comments section if you try this recipe!

Produces: 1 serving

5 minutes to prepare

Duration: 5 minutes


broken ice

1.5 ounces of vodka

Orange juice freshly squeezed to the top, with the pulp optionally filtered

serving orange slices or wheels


Crushed ice should be added to a medium glass. vodka, followed by orange juice on top. Serve after adding an orange wheel as a garnish.