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Tower of Fantasy is full of vehicles

These vehicles are fast, and we provide a lot of other options, too.



For the Falcon, See:

Every player starts the main story with this vehicle unlocked.


Players who pre-registered for the game prior to its release were given this mount as a thank you.


The key to this car lies in discovering its components in the wider world.

World-Engulfing Seventh-Generation Beast

You, like the Chaser, must travel the world in search of its missing components.


Similar to the Chaser and the Omnium Beast, you must venture out into the world and collect its various components.


Unlocking the Monocross is the same process as the other vehicles listed here. Before you can add it to your collection, you’ll need to track down all of its components.

The Wheeler Dust

Obtaining this vehicle requires you to reach Grand Marshall status in the Apex League PvP mode. If you achieve this level, you will be awarded the car at the end of the season.


During week four of Tower of Fantasy’s launch celebrations event, the Mechbird will be made available to players.

The types of vehicles listed above are all that are currently available in Tower of Fantasy. The best way to find these automobiles is to keep a sharp eye out for them as you travel throughout the Aida world.