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Underground Overwatch: How to Complete the Showdown SBC

FIFA 22 Showdown is now live to help you get Christian Eriksen for Liverpool vs. Manchester United.



And the winner is…Darwin Nunez On August 19, just before Liverpool’s Premier League match against Manchester United, FIFA 22 Showdown SBC went live.

This SBC was meant to coincide with EA Sports’ FIFA 23 Pre-Season promotion, but its rollout was delayed due to technical difficulties. And yet, both Showdown Nunez and Showdown Christian Eriksen were released on time. When two players from an upcoming match face off on a Showdown card, the victorious player of the corresponding team receives a stat boost. Each player receives a minor boost if the two teams tie. No advancement is given to the losing team’s player.

The start of the Pre-Season Campaign has been postponed due to unforeseen complications. When new information becomes available, it will be posted here. Communication from FIFA (@EAFIFADirect). Sunday, August 19, 2022

A. Nunez, Darwin Football Club International 22: The Final Showdown SBC

In FIFA 22, here is how to finish the Showdown Nunez SBC:

In the first segment, we learn that at least one player from Liverpool’s squad has a rating of 87 and that the team’s chemistry is 50.

COMPENSATION: A Rare and Assorted Pack of Miniature Players

Team chemistry is rated at 40 out of 100 and the number of players in the squad is 11.

Premium Electrum Player Bundle as a REWARD

A win for Liverpool over Manchester United would increase Nunez’s overall rating by two points, to 98. Nunez received a red card in the match against Crystal Palace, so he will obviously miss the rest of the game. But with United in such shambles right now, Liverpool is a heavy preseason favorite.

There isn’t much time left in FIFA 22, but when Pre-Season comes out, fans may want to add another top item to their squads, preferably a transferred player. The cost of this SBC is less than that of Eriksen.

Contest for FIFA 22 On August 22nd, Nunez’s contract will have ended.