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US military killed four members of the terrorist group al Shabaab in three drone strikes

U.S. Africa Command targeting al Shabaab terrorists in Somalia on Tuesday with three airstrikes, killing four of them and harming no one else.



airstrikes in Somalia, killing four members of the terrorist group al Shabaab without causing any collateral damage.

In a press release, AFRICOM only said that the strikes were in response to an attack on Somali troops near Beledweyne, without specifying who the attackers were.

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The Federal Government of Somalia and the United States Africa Command take great measures to prevent civilian casualties, the statement said. “These efforts stand in stark contrast to the targeted killings that al-Shabab routinely carries out against the civilian population,” the author writes.

In May, 18 months after the previous administration withdrew its troops from Somalia, days before the new administration took office, President Joe Biden agreed to send about 500 troops back.


Gen. Stephen Townsend, the former commander of AFRICOM, testified before the Senate Armed Services Committee in mid-March and warned lawmakers that the terror group “has only grown stronger and bolder over the past year.” At the time, a senior administration official told reporters that al Shaabab has “unfortunately only grown stronger” and “has increased the tempo of its attacks, including against U.S. personnel.”

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Originating Place: US military claims four al Shabaab terrorists were killed in three drone strikes in Somalia.