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Volvo announces new XC90 with next generation aerodynamics

A lot of the interior of the Champagne Room can be seen in these pictures.



In recent patent photos, we see a sizable section of the interior.

Over eight years have passed since Volvo first introduced the second-generation XC90, and it’s safe to say the midsize luxury SUV has held up well. It still looks relatively fresh despite being around for quite a while during a period virtually all of its rivals have switched to next-generation models. We got a good (albeit indirect) look at the inevitable successor last week, in the form of patent images. These are now in the form of unauthorized depictions.

The XC90, which looked very similar but was apparently an all-electric variant, had its front grille covered. The exterior design won’t deviate drastically and will likely take cues from Polestar. The new Volvo will have retractable door handles and a new take on the company’s signature vertical taillights.

Volvo has stated that the next-generation car will be given a proper moniker rather than a number. The Geely-owned brand has confirmed that the first letter will be a vowel, leading to speculation that the XC90 will become the Embla. Sweden has recently taken legal steps to register EXC90 as a trademark.

Since Volvo intends to keep making the current model, perhaps the newly registered name will be used for it. It’s even getting a makeover, which could include the introduction of an EXC90-branded electric variant. But there’s been no official word yet, so take all this as just our best guess at solving the mystery.

Meanwhile, new patent images reveal a sizable portion of the interior, albeit with a few key components absent. Even so, we can easily tell the SUV will have a portrait-oriented infotainment and a continuous air vent design There’s plenty of storage space under the armrest of the “floating” center console, and the steering wheel’s lateral spokes hint at capacitive-touch buttons.

It’s important to remember that Volvo’s next-gen XC90 / Embla is only a stopgap flagship SUV, as the company is already working on a full-size XC100 (will have a different name) that should take after the 2021 Recharge concept. In keeping with the company’s goal of eliminating internal combustion engines entirely by the end of this decade, it, too, will run on electricity. Volvo was one of the first automakers to announce that it would be transitioning away from internal combustion engines (ICEs) and focusing solely on electric vehicles (EVs).

Insight Into The Future Of The XC90