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Walking for two minutes in the morning and evening can help maintain blood sugar levels

The impact of your daily routine can be fleeting.



Monitor changes in blood sugar levels to determine when they occur.

Don’t miss meals and eat frequently throughout the day.

Instead of juice, soda, or alcohol, choose water.

Monitoring your blood glucose is extremely important for your health if you already have diabetes. According to Hieronymous, “If you have diabetes, your blood glucose levels can rise or fall dependent on a variety of things.” “Your levels can fluctuate in different ways from day to day. So that you can maintain a healthy range, it is crucial to monitor those values. More harm could be done to your heart, kidneys, eyes, and other bodily parts the longer you remain outside of a range.”

You have two options for monitoring your blood sugar levels: a continuous glucose monitor or a blood glucose meter (CGM). The blood glucose meter measures your blood sugar by taking a tiny sample of blood from your fingertip. A CGM, meanwhile, is a gadget that stays permanently fastened to your body and monitors your blood sugar levels in real time as well as over the course of time.

Both alternatives are excellent ways to monitor your blood sugar levels throughout the day, according to Hieronymous, “so that you can avoid or delay any issues associated with diabetes.”