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Watch Chris Hemsworth Work Out on the Deck of a Naval Ship at Sea

The actor demonstrates an equipment-free workout you can do literally anywhere in a new Instagram video.



Chris Hemsworth used online gym updates to document how he bulked up for the most recent Thor film. In addition to working out for his own benefit, he is committed to getting people of all fitness levels moving more generally and regularly posts exercises from his wellness app Centr. The exercises have varied from easy-to-follow low-impact routines to more challenging supersets and “burner” sessions aimed at gaining muscle mass.

Hemsworth recently announced in an Instagram video that he will be sharing a series of new workouts that he helped program with the Centr team over the next eight weeks. The first routine in this new series is an equipment-free routine that focuses solely on bodyweight exercises and can be done at home or anywhere. While some of the other routines will include a small amount of equipment, such as medicine balls and barbells, this one requires no special tools at all.

And to prove it, Hemsworth shows off the whole circuit on the deck of a naval ship in the middle of the ocean, ostensibly not too far from the set of the recent film Top Gun: Maverick. The unconventional gym is “one of the greatest locations I’ve ever had the pleasure of training in,” as Hemsworth puts it.

The following items make up the bodyweight routine:

Squats (5 reps)

Rank as a bear (5 meters)

Time spent waiting (10 reps)

Pushups (10 reps)

Those who scale peaks (10 reps on each side)

Inactive lunges (5 reps on each side)

Figure Skaters on Ice (5 reps on each side)

Perform the circuit 10 times, pausing for 60 seconds between each round.

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