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Watch Koenigsegg 2018 Geneva Livestream

Watch the livestream at 12 PM Eastern / 4PM GMT.



At 12 p.m. Eastern / 4 p.m. GMT, the livestream will begin.

Some individuals might be surprised to learn that we’ve already seen this teaser before. Koenigsegg issued a photograph at the start of the year showing the eerie silhouette of a brand-new enigmatic vehicle. The Swedish hypercar manufacturer at the time claimed that the vehicle had “more ultimate performance through intelligent engineering and ideal design.” On August 19, the official debut is ready to take place.

Rumors will have to do for the time being because the small brand has been coy about its newest product. The “CC12”-branded vehicle is thought to be the outcome of a partnership with the hypercar dealer Carage. The shape does appear to be a throwback to Koenigsegg’s early days with the CCR and CCX, at least based on the teaser image.

Although it has been reported that just 50 of the vehicle will be produced, it is unclear whether a larger manufacturing run is in the works. Whatever the situation, it will be as exclusive as all the other models. Some suggest it will be the “entry-level” model, while others assert it will cost a whopping $4 million. It won’t be the company’s quickest automobile, that much is certain. Jesko Absolut, which will attempt to break the 300 mph mark, is already thought to be the fastest road vehicle Koenigsegg has ever produced.

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Does the fact that the new vehicle will likely be called the CC12 mean it will have a twelve-cylinder engine, even if the CC8S had a V8 engine (with Ford roots)? Since Koenigsegg is still a small business and is concentrating on its V8 as well as the new three-cylinder engine with twin turbos and a modest 2.0-liter displacement for the four-seat Gemera, we wouldn’t necessarily bet on it. The Swedes might not have the sufficient bandwidth to devote as much time to R&D as would be necessary to create a V12.

Some people think the name CC850S was chosen to honor Christian von Koenigsegg’s 50th birthday. A automobile that weights 1,300 kilos could have more than 1,300 horsepower (2,866 pounds). It’s interesting to note that a vehicle might have an automatic transmission with a manual gearshift to send power to the wheels.

All of these are currently only rumors and conjecture, but the good news is that we won’t have to wait too long to learn the full truth.