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Is Tower of Fantasy really taking its toll on your wallet?



SSR after 80 pulls and does not reset after obtaining an SSR, which is a nice touch. Tower of Fantasy is, at least, being kindhearted in this regard. The various types of summons available in Tower of Fantasy have been broken down below.

Explaining Tower of Fantasy’s Tanium and Dark Crystal currency

The game’s optional in-app purchase currency is called “dark crystals.” You’ll receive these as rewards for logging in, finishing story missions, leveling up, and even waiting around. Taniim is a bonus currency used to purchase higher tier items in packages, and it can only be obtained by spending real money. The actual, money-based costs are displayed below.

Tower of Fantasy’s Special Order pulls cost 150 Dark Crystals each. One pull of 10 requires 1500 crystals, so if you want to guarantee an SSR at 80 pulls, you’ll need 12,000 dark crystals. You can get an SSR in 20 or 30 pulls if you’re lucky, but if you want guaranteed returns, you’ll need to be very patient or spend a lot of money, as in-game activities will only earn you enough currency for about half of that. To make matters worse, upgrading a weapon requires re-pulling the same weapon, and waiting for a 10 pull is the only way to guarantee an SR weapon that can be upgraded. Although the SSR characters are not required to progress through the game’s story, Tower of Fantasy still puts up a significant barrier to getting your hands on them.