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What are Exploration Points for in the Tower of Fantasy?

Chill out in the world and earn rewards for your adventures.



Throughout the course of any massively multiplayer online game, exploration will play a crucial role. To get the most out of Tower of Fantasy, it’s worth traveling to all the different parts of Aida’s world and seeing all the different sights there. Key points of interaction include landmarks, educational opportunities, and safe havens. As you explore, you’ll learn more about the setting of the game and your character’s place in it. You’ve been on an adventure, but are you prepared, Wanderer?

How can I learn about Exploration Points?

Exploration Points, or XP for short, are earned whenever a player travels to a new region of the world. As you progress through the different zones, you’ll encounter many opportunities to earn more of these points. Pressing the “M” key will open a map so you can keep track of where you are.

You can see the world’s regions in the corner to the right of the map. You’ll begin your journey on the isolated island of Astra. By selecting the area you’re interested in, you can see how far along you are in that particular area.

Exploration Points can be earned in the following ways:

Cracking open Supply Pods in Fortresses and Secret Locations

The acquisition of Black and Gold Nuclei through interaction with plants, such as Dandelions.

Achieving a successful completion of dungeons in the Ruin

Joining the Dots in Space

Location of the Omnium Building

Figuring Out Where to Find the Best Views

You’ll gain Exploration Points for doing any of these things. You’ll earn rewards proportional to your Exploration Point total as you learn more about each area. As loot, you can expect to obtain things like Dark Crystals, clothes, Black and Gold Nuclei, and even suits of armor.