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When do Rick and Morty release in MultiVersus?

Rick and Morty will expand this popular crossover fighter… eventually.



Rick and Morty were supposed to be the first unlockable DLC characters added to MultiVersus, however both of their release dates have been significantly pushed back. These problems came after MultiVersus Season One’s abrupt postponement, which allowed Player First Games to finish the game in its current state before adding new content to it. Thankfully, these characters’ estimated release dates have been revealed along with the forthcoming season.

Release dates for Rick and Morty

The MultiVersus crew has made it plain that Rick and Morty won’t be deployed together in one update, but rather separately. The launch of Season One, which has subsequently been postponed to at least August 16, is when these updates are supposed to start. The preseason pass expiring the day before has been the sole indication thus far of this soft date.

Morty, who is anticipated to debut at the very beginning of Season One, will be the first of the two to be released. On the other hand, Rick has not yet been given a specific date for his addition, which is anticipated at a later period. Both characters will, however, be a part of the fresh material that Season One introduces.

The when and how of Rick and Morty are uncertain, but it is known that each character will cost 3,000 in-game coins to unlock. If you purchase all the required coins, their price range comes to roughly $30 per coin. As an alternative, you can get these coins by winning games and finishing your daily assignments.