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You will earn money for small trips you take

We pay you for your daily activity with our Miles App.



Do you know about the Miles app? Your regular commute by car, foot, or plane can passively accrue points and rewards for you. Walking, driving, biking, flying, etc. all add up to travel miles that can be redeemed for gift cards. Miles is an unobtrusive app that gives you points for going places, just like the ones I use already, Pogo and Reklaim.

If you’re interested in finding out how you can get paid to travel on a regular basis, this review of the Miles app will tell you how.

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For starters, what exactly is this Miles App?

No matter how you get around, the Miles App will reward you. As long as you’re just broadcasting your location, it’s completely unobtrusive.

Tell Me About the Miles App!

The Miles app is available in both the Android Market and the iOS App Store. Once you give the Miles app permanent access to your location, it will keep track of the miles you’ve logged without you having to open it.

The Miles app requires mobile device tracking, so it is not available on desktop computers.

How do I start collecting Miles?

Whether you’re taking a stroll, driving, flying, etc., the Miles app will reward you with miles (points) for your efforts. Indeed, you’re rewarded for your skiing efforts. Each mode of transportation has its own mileage accrual rate. Any way you choose to travel, you’ll reap its benefits to varying degrees. By comparison, walking will award you with 10 times the number of miles you actually walked for the same amount of time spent. You can earn three times as many miles by taking the train as you would in a carpool.

If you use the Miles app, it will figure out what kind of transportation you’re using automatically. If the Miles app incorrectly identified your mode of transportation, you can modify this by tapping the airplane icon in the “Trips” tab.

Distance Traveler’s App with Progressive Rewards

The Miles app includes a tier section that functions similarly to airline loyalty reward programs. Benefits increase with each tier from silver to gold to platinum. There is never a fee to keep your account active in any of the tiers, and you always get birthday and account anniversaries bonuses.

Benefits of Silver

You’ll be in the Silver tier for the current calendar month if in the last month you earned less than 750 miles. One hundred additional miles will be added to your account at the beginning of the following month as a bonus (upon claim)

Gold Prizes

If you earned more than 750 but less than 2000 miles or redeemed your miles for at least one reward in the previous calendar month, you will be placed in the Gold tier for the current calendar month. Bonuses include everything from Silver and:\s-Bonus 200 miles for next month (upon claim) (upon claim)

Improved Cash-Out Probabilities

Diamond Status

For the current calendar month, you’ll be considered Platinum if you either earned 2,000 miles or redeemed 2,000 miles for rewards in the previous calendar month. Among the bonuses are: -400 bonus miles for the following month (in addition to the regular monthly bonus of 200 miles); -Gold status; and – (upon claim)

Gains can be made immediately

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Can you explain how Miles App generates revenue?

The Miles app does not contain advertisements or demand a subscription fee. They don’t cost a dime and merely keep tabs on your whereabouts to dole out incentives.

Miles makes money through brand partnerships, much like how Fetch Rewards or Pogo do it. Another way they make money off of you is by selling your anonymized location data to researchers for use in their own studies.

What about the Miles app, is it secure?

Are there any known security issues with the Miles app? Safe and convenient, Miles rewards you for the places you already go. Miles does not sell or otherwise distribute your location data despite the fact that it is required in order to award you with these points.

How Can I Use the Miles App to Redeem My Points?

If you use the Miles app, you can get rewards for your trips in the form of gift cards, raffle tickets, and even charitable contributions. To find out how you can do all of these things and more with the Miles app, keep reading my review.

You can exchange your miles for gift cards.

Only Amazon gift cards can be redeemed at this time. A $1 Amazon gift card is worth 5,000 miles at the Platinum level. It may seem like a lot, but the miles you earn are not proportional to the time you spend using the app, and the app itself does nothing for you. Why not earn money for your travel if it takes you no extra effort?

Contest Entries Available for Mileage Redemption

The miles can be used to enter raffles for a variety of gift cards, if the idea of collecting gift cards isn’t your thing. You can enter as many times as you like and each entry is worth between 5 and 15 miles toward a variety of gift cards. Several winners will be selected after the raffle lasts for 6-10 days. Some examples of gift cards that can be purchased at this time include a $100 Red Lobster card, a $250 Amazon card, a $100 DoorDash card, and many more.

Redeeming Miles to Donate to Charities

Charity donations are another possible use for your miles. The Miles app has a threshold system set up so that if a certain number of miles is reached, a donation will be made to the designated charity. If the goal of 2,500,000 miles is met by February 28th, Chewy will donate 250,000 meals to help shelter pets in need. This is a fantastic opportunity to aid a cause about which you feel passionately.

As of this writing, opportunities exist to clean the oceans, help children all over the world, end homelessness in the United States, and feed shelter animals.

The Miles App: A Critical Analysis

My Miles app review should have been entertaining. The Miles app is fantastic because it passively rewards you for the places you already go every day. Whether you commute to work by subway in a major city, go skiing on the weekend, or ride your bike for fun, the Miles app has something to offer you. The Miles app is easy to use and delivers exactly what it advertises, which is rewards for travel. This app is great because it pays you money without any effort on your part, and everyone can use a little extra cash in their pockets.

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